antlers, fantasy, artwork, cute, Cilitra, Sometimes the most fun pieces come from the most random inspiration. I was watching one of my favorite artist, Kellee Riley livestream and for some reason opened up photoshop and just started doodling. Mind you, I usually prefer drawing on paper and then working from there digitally so this was a new thing for me.  For weeks now I’ve been working on it, on and off, little by little. It wasn’t until tonight that I decided:” Right,… Continue reading

Boomking goes Pew PewLike  many others who tend to draw and doodle on everything in sight you have friends and family requesting you to draw them something. Anything from a card, portrait to something completely crazy that is the opposite of your drawing skills.
And like many others, I procrastinate to no end. If I don’t force myself to sit down and start, I won’t do it unless for some odd chance I’m filled with inspiration thats waiting to burst unless I… Continue reading


Another old one I colored, ca’t seem to draw any decent ones I feel like finishing so I keep searching through old folders for scanned sketches with potential. I’m still working on getting the hands right, but this was close enoguh. The chest area is a bit wrong but I wasn’t in the mood to be to finicky about the details.



When I color a piece, I always have doubts when choosing the colors. Luckily when working on a piece digitally it gives me the freedom to change my mind if the color scheme I origiinally had in mind isn’t as good as it was in my mind. This unicorn girl I drew many years ago and first now colored is a good example of that. Throughout the process I changed my mind at least a dozen times. I wanted… Continue reading


Imagine having hair that was just whipped cream, icecream or even frosting that would always be fresh and decilicious and never go bad. I swear I’d be bald and I’d be as big as a ballooon….



In 2009 I believe, I had a sketch-a-day challenge. I lasted for over a month drawing anything from rough sketches from the top of my head to detailed thought out ideas. Not everything came out that great but it helped me pick up the pencil an ddraw something, no matter how bad it was. This was one of those sketches. My husband loves sushi, so I thought it would be fun to do a sushi themed one with a… Continue reading

I like drawing sweets and delicious things… whynot create houses from them? I want to draw more…gimme ideas!




Many years ago, around 2008 I created a piece that gave me hope that I would be capable to create the artwork I dreamed off. To me it felt like I had created something beyond my capabilities and it quite surprised me to see something like that in front of me. It pushed me forward to the point I’m at today. It was 1-2 years ago that I thought perhaps I should try re-drawing it, taking the idea, revamping it… Continue reading


Still working on getting back on the saddle and get back to drawing. This started as a doodle and practice with brushes and somehow evolved into this little beauty. HOping to create a line of products featuring this piece soon on Zazzle. Really need to get my zazzle arse in gear.


Doodles of mine from  end of february. Forcing myself to get back into the drawing groove so I ‘m pushing myself to actually sit down and DRAW something! Here is to hoping that 2015 will be a better drawing year then 2014.