My current base in progress. Building this on the DevCo Infinity server.  Still building but its a decent start. If you have suggestions for what colorful things to add then feel free to let me know and who knows it might get added!


2015-02-21_17.40.05  2015-02-21_17.39.44

2015-02-21_17.39.53  2015-02-21_17.39.59




One of the first finished piece of 2015. Made this in mid january and got it printed on wrapped canvas and is hanging in my living room. First time I’ve got my own artwork put on my walls. Will be updating my zazzle store within the next few months and completely revamping it with loads of new things so stay tuned.



tofu_cuteMy Twitter sometimes suggests new people and places to follow, and since I love everything cute it suggested this cute store to me, it caught my eye so I followed it and forgot about it. A week ago I then saw it pop up in my twitter feed again and decided to finally take a look at it, and oh man oh man! My wallet was very happy I hadn’t taken alook before, or it would have been so… Continue reading


After I moved to the new Monster server opened me and my friend started a base together. She was the mastermind behind making everything working, such as machines, power, magic, farming and smelting. In the meantime I decided to build, and build I did. I made the massive 2 tier chocolate cake, with strawberry filling and strawberry frosting with a lovely cupcake topper with a dollop of whipped cream.  The base is not finished, as you might be… Continue reading


If you love baking and have used youtube as a source of inspiration or tutorials then you might have stumbled across Rosanna Pansino and her show Nerdy nummies. She shows her viewers how to bake and prepare anything cute, nerdy and nom-worthy and does it in a way that is easy to follow. She has something for everyone and has both done advance cakes as well as something as simple as rice krispie treats that anyone can do with… Continue reading


For years I’ve played computer games, ever since I first saw a computer as a kid I’ve loved escaping reality into this fantasy digital world where you can be anything from a Renaissance assassin, play as your favorite super hero, take the role of a an adventurer saving the world or create your own little peace of heaven using nothing but blocks. That last game you might know about, but it is called Minecraft and is a sandbox indie game… Continue reading

Sugar Bunny Shop is an online boutique that sells cute and unique merchandise inspired by Japanese culture.

1509300_10151849504326447_509274748_nMany years ago I stumbled upon an artist on deviantart, whos art left me breathless. Her art was vibrant, beautiful and left a smile on your face. With her creative ideas and talent Celesse (Samantha Whitten) fast became one of my favorite artists and still is to this day. It was no surprise when she started her online store that I was quick… Continue reading

cilitra_mini_drawing_pencilOh hello there internet person! I see you have stumbled upon my lovely little corner of the web. If you have stopped by here for this long then perhaps I should tell you more of what you can expect to find here, in the not so long future. My name is Cilitra and I like to draw cute little scribbles filled with sunshine, happiness and rainbows! All the little things that make you smile and gives you a little flutter… Continue reading