cilitra_mini_drawing_pencilOh hello there internet person! I see you have stumbled upon my lovely little corner of the web. If you have stopped by here for this long then perhaps I should tell you more of what you can expect to find here, in the not so long future. My name is Cilitra and I like to draw cute little scribbles filled with sunshine, happiness and rainbows! All the little things that make you smile and gives you a little flutter in your chest. Some of them I share online through many social sites as well as through my zazzle store.

As I love all things sparkly, colorful and cute I thought I should perhaps share with you the discoveries I find, as the world wide web can hide many little treasures you’d normally not find if you don’t have someone to guide you the right away. A little nudge can sometimes be all it takes to find something amazing. I plan to tell you about stores, interesting products, brilliant artists, tutorials, clothing, delicious foods, and basically everything that categorizes under cute, colorful and awesome! This blog might just be your one stop to everything cute!

So be sure to follow the blog, many exciting things are about to happen!



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