For years I’ve played computer games, ever since I first saw a computer as a kid I’ve loved escaping reality into this fantasy digital world where you can be anything from a Renaissance assassin, play as your favorite super hero, take the role of a an adventurer saving the world or create your own little peace of heaven using nothing but blocks. That last game you might know about, but it is called Minecraft and is a sandbox indie game first created by a single man and is now updated by his team at Mojang. You can truly say the creator, the Swedish programmer Notch also known as Markus Persson. created something wonderful as today there are not only millions of people playing his game but also there are thousands of mods created by people the world over to bring extra flares to the game. You can play the vanilla game or add mods to it that might include more animals, bring the technological age, make you cast spells or even take you to the moon. The Sky is literally the limit as you can mod it left and right and create your very own little fantasy world, the possibilities are endless!

Perhaps that is why I fell in love with this game. It was introduced to me by friends where we played on a vanilla server together. I was a bit late to the party as most of them started when the game was in Alpha but even though I was shivering inside my mud hut afraid of all the dangers outside the game had be hooked. Years later I’m still playing, trying out different modpacks and trying to bring my vision of a color explosion to the world of blocks I love!

After talking about wanting to build something colorful and brilliant for ages but never quite finding the right modpack or location, when I joined an icelandic server I truly bloomed! My love for sweets and rainbows exploded and I was able to create this! Cake house with a cupcake room on top, rainbow roads, rainbow greenhouse and who knows what would have been created had I not stopped playing on that server.




Then not long ago I joined the server MineYourMind where I tried out their horizon server. I wanted to create a farmhouse with a grand crops area and then have a cute sweets shop where I’d shall all kinds of baked goodies. I had barely started, had the house of Noms ready, my farmhouse, and a sweet looking smeltery base before unfortunatelly when they updated the bugs that followed were too severe so they were forced to reset the whole server map meaning I had to start from scratch. A group of brilliant people invited me to join their party and build a base together which was heaps of fun.

2014-02-17_00.20.31  2014-03-27_16.51.28

But for some reason I couldn’t get into my building groove, only managed to create an updated look of my smeltery/blacksmiths house before I decided perhaps I needed to see how their other modpacks were, if they pushed my buttons or not. Soon we decided to try the Monster server, it had even MORE fun blocks to play with which made my fingers tingle!  Before long I had created something brilliant, the giant epic cupcake of my dreams follows by lots of colors and rainbows! Here below you can see some screenshots of the build so far, we are still building so there might be more to come. We need more rainbows…lots more colors and rainbows! ;p




Minecraft (specially modded) offers me the chance to be creative and play with blocks again, like some of us used to do with legos. Be a kid again where creative thinking means the sky is the limit and what do you want to create or do? You can work on machines and create a giant factory to create jaffa cakes like the Yogscast did that one time, dabble in magic to become the most brilliant wizard there ever was, or just create massive farms and live the easy life in the country with your dog, chicken’ and cows! Do what you want, be what you want, just as long as you have fun!

These have been some of my latest builds, they might have a similar theme but I always aim to build them bigger and better each time until i can achieve that great Rainbow castle I’ve always wanted to create legit without creative mode. One day, one day people! It shall rise and it shall be glorious!


7 Responses to Bringing rainbows to Minecraft

  • Emm..
    I’ve been trying to find a cute server for a long time.
    I just want to know what the IP of that Icelandic server.
    Thank you.

  • What mods are you using?

  • I’m glad you did join, we needed a splash of color ;) we need to play something again together some day

  • even in ag2 i fly around and look at other peoples builds, and although AlienBrain builds fast. it just doesn’t always have the same flare as the previous groups with you two girls in it (i’ve tried to colorup my thaumcraft tower somewhat, still needs work though, pics of it are on facebook (found out how to take screenshots again yay))

  • this website is very girly :!: :uparrow: I would like it to be more for boys

  • :grin: I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! Please just add more rainbow houses. Again, this website is amazing!!! :grin: It’s super helpful to my presentation about Minecraft. It shows a butt load of information that is easily worded for my friends. :lol: :lol:

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