If you love baking and have used youtube as a source of inspiration or tutorials then you might have stumbled across Rosanna Pansino and her show Nerdy nummies. She shows her viewers how to bake and prepare anything cute, nerdy and nom-worthy and does it in a way that is easy to follow. She has something for everyone and has both done advance cakes as well as something as simple as rice krispie treats that anyone can do with a fun twist to make it stand out and be fun for everyone. She has done themed lolipops, elaborate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pancakes and even cake pops. She has done popular ideas for Portal, mario bros, Adventure time, Kirby, Pokemon, Totaro, Batman, Deadpool  goodies so there is something nummie for every skill level and fan to try out themselves!

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One of my favorite videos of hers is when she made kirby macaroons. Even though I never played the kirby games in my past  or my present, I still truly love how adorable the character kirby is. I mean, come on, Pink and adorable?!  Yes please!  So… Making french macaroons can be tricky, and getting them just right is a challenge in it self. One mistake and they’ll go flat, they will crack or they will just become a big horrible mess and all that work will be for naught.  Before this I hadn’t even thought of decorating them  so now I’m itching to try making these, even though I might mess up…but with something this cute I have to risk an explosion in my kitchen! THIS MUST HAPPEN!  If you let your imagination run wild you can do all kinds of characters using different colors and filling to match. So much noms, so little time.

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French macaroons a little too tough? Then why not try making this simple rice krispie treats Mario Stars? Rice krispie treats are an american thing I heard about a few years ago and decided to try. Ofc I wasn’t used to melting marshmallows and didn’t butter the pan enough….so ofcourse the treats were stuck to the pan as stuck can be! You can’t make a cake if you dont’ break a few eggs, meaning that mistakes happen and best you can do is laugh and carry on..which I did!  When done correctly which is as easy as it gets, you can either mold it into some shape like I see the Cake Boss do all the time, or use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape you desire.  Great for parties and birthdays for whatever theme it is.

Every thursday you will see a new video where Ro shows you how to make yet another nerdy nummie to make yourself. If you have an idea for something  you want her to create you can leave a comment below the video and who knows if she’ll think of something brilliant!


Nerdy Nummies on Youtube - RosannaPansino on TwitterRosanna Pansino’s website


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