tofu_cuteMy Twitter sometimes suggests new people and places to follow, and since I love everything cute it suggested this cute store to me, it caught my eye so I followed it and forgot about it. A week ago I then saw it pop up in my twitter feed again and decided to finally take a look at it, and oh man oh man! My wallet was very happy I hadn’t taken alook before, or it would have been so empty. The store is called Tofu Cute and is a kawaii shop in the UK specializing in the japanese cute culture and spreading it further to the world. They ship to most countries so you could order a japanese treat, stationary, stickers, miniture or even a cute charm for your phone.  The website is very lovely designed, pink background with white cute lace going up the sides. You don’t need to look for anything as everything is pretty straight forward, menu on the left,  information links on the top and preview of what they offer on the front page. Perhaps when you first enter the website it might be a little bit too busy but after your eyes adjust to the brightness you can start going through all the brilliant items they have to offer in their shop.

So if you are looking for something utterly squee-worthy that just warms your cute little heart up whenever you lay hands on it, then perhaps you’ll find it over at


Below you’ll find some of my favorite items from the store, some of which I hope to order in the (hopefully not so far) future.

889_animal_doughnut_charm_large 930_san-x_onigiri_purse_large 923_kawaii_tofu_chopsticks_large  1119_bearbunny_dressup_bento_large 1035_animal_notepad_large 976_alpaca_erasers_large 1154_birthday_cake_stickers_large 774_alpaca_minicase_large  992_popin_cookin_nericanland_large 1106_pocky_double_chocolate_large 






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