After I moved to the new Monster server Mineyourmind.net opened me and my friend started a base together. She was the mastermind behind making everything working, such as machines, power, magic, farming and smelting. In the meantime I decided to build, and build I did. I made the massive 2 tier chocolate cake, with strawberry filling and strawberry frosting with a lovely cupcake topper with a dollop of whipped cream.  The base is not finished, as you might be able to see. The original idea was a castle of sorts, and was the giant cake supposed to be the main building, then surrounded by other buildings and a castle wall with towers. We’ve only gotten this far before we took a small break from the modpack but hopefully we’ll be able to continue at a later date.

The following picture show:

  • The machine room
  • Enchanting bookcase
  • Thaumcraft setup
  • Entrance hall (front)
  • Entrance  (back)
  • Our disco Dj’s
  • Inside the barn
  • Daily item Musem (wip)
  • Cupcake topper
  • Fountain gazebo
  • Square
  • Village punishment jail
  • Smeltery
  • Gallows
  • Market booth (armor)
  • Market booth (food court)
  • Barn (front)

2014-04-06_21.31.54 2014-04-06_21.31.20 2014-04-06_21.31.15 2014-04-06_21.31.02 2014-04-06_21.30.48 2014-04-06_21.30.27 2014-04-06_21.22.16 2014-04-06_21.22.04 2014-04-06_21.21.50 2014-04-06_21.21.26 2014-04-06_21.21.20 2014-04-06_21.21.12 2014-04-06_21.20.59 2014-04-06_21.20.47 2014-04-06_21.20.42 2014-04-06_21.20.35 2014-04-06_21.20.13


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