Many years ago, around 2008 I created a piece that gave me hope that I would be capable to create the artwork I dreamed off. To me it felt like I had created something beyond my capabilities and it quite surprised me to see something like that in front of me. It pushed me forward to the point I’m at today. It was 1-2 years ago that I thought perhaps I should try re-drawing it, taking the idea, revamping it and creating a new piece from that original concept. And there it is above. Towards the end it was a bit rushed, I had grown tired of it after working on it for a few days on and off. So I thought I’d call it quits. I’m quite proud of it and like to look at it a few times throughout the day because it has left me stunned. I actually created that! Its vibrant, colorful and fun and even though there are things that Ic ould have done better I’m so pleased with it. I just want to have it printed out and oogle at it all day, so proud of myself for making it!

Below you can see the slightly edited original version that inspired it. Small difference right ;)


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