When I color a piece, I always have doubts when choosing the colors. Luckily when working on a piece digitally it gives me the freedom to change my mind if the color scheme I origiinally had in mind isn’t as good as it was in my mind. This unicorn girl I drew many years ago and first now colored is a good example of that. Throughout the process I changed my mind at least a dozen times. I wanted her to be pure and white… no perhaps have a rainbow main… no, perhaps now, how about just a few stripes… until eventually I made her pink pink and pink. Because…why not pink? Once It was finished, I still wasn’t pleased…so what did I do? I tried to see how she looked in a few other colors…these are just some exampled. And you know what? I kinda like her in all version. Perhaps digital art gives too much freedom to a indecisive person? :P


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