Boomking goes Pew PewLike  many others who tend to draw and doodle on everything in sight you have friends and family requesting you to draw them something. Anything from a card, portrait to something completely crazy that is the opposite of your drawing skills.
And like many others, I procrastinate to no end. If I don’t force myself to sit down and start, I won’t do it unless for some odd chance I’m filled with inspiration thats waiting to burst unless I give it an escape. So on rare occasions, like when I’m on the phone at work I manage to doodle something that a friend asked me for yeaaars before.  He has been playing WoW on and off for a long time, but has always stuck with a druid as his steady main character. Despite me sloppily throwing colors on the sketch, and not putting in my best, I was quite happy to finally deliver the promised sketch to him… even though he might have long forgotten about it.
Now to hope I get off my arse and start working on my art, instead of lazily hoping I will… tomorrow.

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