Sugar Bunny Shop is an online boutique that sells cute and unique merchandise inspired by Japanese culture.

1509300_10151849504326447_509274748_nMany years ago I stumbled upon an artist on deviantart, whos art left me breathless. Her art was vibrant, beautiful and left a smile on your face. With her creative ideas and talent Celesse (Samantha Whitten) fast became one of my favorite artists and still is to this day. It was no surprise when she started her online store that I was quick to order some of her lovely products to have as my own.

Anyone is bound to find something that will stroke their interest in her store as she has a wide range of products with many utterly adorable designs that leave you out of Squee quite fast! From the classic T-shirts, charms and necklaces, to cuddly blankets, umbrellas, bags and you can even buy any of her snuggle worthy plush from some of her most popular characters that are professionally made so you can guarantee quality in every single one that gets a new home!

recipecard1_1024x1024First product I bought was the Puddle bunny plush, which quality surprised me, looked even better then I had imagined. I had seen people selling plush from DeviantArt but none had enticed me enough to spend the few extra coins I had available. But I decided to take a risk on the puddle bunny and haven’t regretted a single cent of that money. It still sits above my computer keeping me company when I spend hours and hours working on the computer.
Among some of the other items I’ve bought have been the Silvery wings of love necklace,  The Drama llama T-shirt as well as the cutest little recipe cards I had ever found. Before I didn’t even use recipe cards, I used to write it all in a big book, but after finding those cards I had to change how I store my recipes, those cards are TOO ADORABLE!  One I use for sweet things like cakes and deserts and the doki fox ones I use for cooking recipes. Which reminds me, I must order more soon before I run out or before she discontinues them, not sure what I’ll do if that happens! *panics*

sbag6_1024x1024 sugerbunnyshop_2 sugerbunnyshop_1

gamercat_icon3Years later I still find myself keeping up with her updates on facebook and seeing what she comes up with next.I simply love her creativity and lovely artwork.  One of her most recent accomplishments is a kickstarter campaign she had to get a plush made of her GaMERCaT webcomic character that skyrocketed far above her goal.  She reached her goal in the first days and in the end it got 1353% funded!  Think she didn’t realize just how much people love her gamercat, and as the first days flew by she quickly started to realize she had to change some of her stretch goals, most of them were already filled! I think this campaign has introduced many to her second web comic which I’m sure will continue to gain popularity if she keeps going with the fun ideas she’s had so far. Be sure to check out the webcomic,  If you haven’t read it yet, where have you been living? Hopefully not under a rock, those can be quite heavy. The GaMERCaT plush campaign was the first kickstarter I funded, and not the last, and I must say I’m quite excited to get my hands on my very own Gamercat plush!  I’ll snuggle it and hugggle it and it will rest nicely on my shelf of cute where I keep my other precious treasures that bring a smile to my face.

Overall, Celesse has always had an eye for details and produces not only quality artwork but also makes sure every single product of her meets the highest standards and she has always been quick to answer her customers if they ever have any questions or trouble. Her store updates frequently, and she is always looking for that next extra special product to sell to admirers of cute quality designs. With the addition of her second webcomic I’m sure we will see many exciting things from this talented  artist and designer in the near future. 

Sugarbunny shopSBS facebook pageGamercat webcomic -Celesse


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